Marketing and Morality

Tristan Harris: How a handful of tech companies control billions of minds every day After watching this 20 minute TED Talk, I thought that this is a perfectly timely advice to me considering the circumtances. In the middle of the talk, he says this: Technology is not neutral. It has been three days since... Continue Reading →


Marketing Research Note (1) Chi-squared, T-test

I took the Marketing Research course this spring and here is what I have jotted down during the class. I am sharing this on this blog since I wanted to review it before I forget and also save it somewhere safe (not only in my notebook that I am probably going to lose someday). Since... Continue Reading →

Thank You Note

A hand-written letter sometimes speaks more words than talking. It was a great experience to serve as a student member of the honor council in an effort to keep the academic integrity of the school. It was a little bit of mixed feeling as well since it also means that my year at Carey is... Continue Reading →

W2: Empathize

The first step in design thinking is empathizing, which¬†is putting oneself in someone's shoes. It sounds easy-breezy but it's actually not as simple as it seems because I can never be you. The doctor in the article New York Times¬†below also confesses that he had never been able to fully understand his patients, what they... Continue Reading →

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