Visual Inspirations

One of the many advantages of my new role is that the coverage of marketing is very broad. For example, in my previous company, I was in charge of developing some of the products' marketing creatives. My specific job was to strategize and plan content but turning them into more aesthetically appealing output was passed... Continue Reading →


10 Best APP UI Design for Your Inspiration in 2017 I did not realize how much efforts it requires to design a simple and intuitive app until I actually started working in the relevant field. What I like about my new job so far is that it challenges me not to overlook what I have neglected and dig deeper to find out what is... Continue Reading →

Change by Design

I somehow managed to wake up at 4:30 a.m. this morning and finished the last few chapters of this book. The book is basically a summary of what I have learned through the Design Leadership course at Johns Hopkins with additional real-life cases that the author took on through his career at IDEO. What I... Continue Reading →

W5: Social Pressure & Mindfulness

Individualism & Social Proof Individualism is important for creativity. However, it is difficult to maintain individualism when working in a group. In that sense, the experiment that was conducted to one participant to show a standard line and ask to choose the line with the same length (the image below) in the circumstance that the others respond... Continue Reading →

Hueman: Annual Benefit Fashion Show

MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art)Week of Fashion 2017 Week of Fashion 2017 This years' fashion show by senior students in MICA was inspired by colors in different settings. Garnering cheers from lots of people, the show demonstrated congruity in incongruity, an order in the chaos, and the dynamics of colors and material. I am... Continue Reading →

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