The Selby House

The Selby House by Todd Selby This exhibition displays various forms of art; from photographies and installation arts to drawings. In the photography section, people - regardless of what they are doing for living - is the main theme. Selby tries to show each individual's different aspects of life and their definitions of art reflected... Continue Reading →



I have been asking to myself constantly about which industry and what kind of company I should work for. There are many ways to categorize the companies: a giant conglomerate vs. a startup (or mid-sized company if allowing a third option), an gency vs. a client, or a Korean based vs. a foreign company. A... Continue Reading →

Thank You Note

A hand-written letter sometimes speaks more words than talking. It was a great experience to serve as a student member of the honor council in an effort to keep the academic integrity of the school. It was a little bit of mixed feeling as well since it also means that my year at Carey is... Continue Reading →

Hueman: Annual Benefit Fashion Show

MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art)Week of Fashion 2017 Week of Fashion 2017 This years' fashion show by senior students in MICA was inspired by colors in different settings. Garnering cheers from lots of people, the show demonstrated congruity in incongruity, an order in the chaos, and the dynamics of colors and material. I am... Continue Reading →

Silent Sky

Play by Lauren Gunderson / Directed by Dori A. Robinson I watched this play during my trip to Boston this month. This play is about a historical scientist Henrietta Leavitt who first discovered the relationship between the period of a pulsating variable star and its luminosity. The main challenge she faces in this play seems... Continue Reading →

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