Marketing and Morality

Tristan Harris: How a handful of tech companies control billions of minds every day

After watching this 20 minute TED Talk, I thought that this is a perfectly timely advice to me considering the circumtances. In the middle of the talk, he says this:

Technology is not neutral.

It has been three days since I started my new job. Jumping up my career from manufacturing to IT, which obviously is more toward software-side, I was assigned to a project that is to plan and design a platform inside the messenger app that the company has in order to increase the page views and people’s activities and thus attract more advertisers. It would be mind-blowing as a marketer if I can nudge people’s thoughts and actions in alignment with my intent but sometimes inevitably, there could be the dilemma whether it is ethically right or wrong. And the dilemma can be so subtle that we might not even be able to notice it.

Yes, technology is not neutral. But I believe that we can do something about it and try to keep the balance of the two, job and morality.


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