W4: Persona

Persona is a fictional character that has reliable and realistic representations of the key stakeholders of your research. I personally have an experience of creating a persona last semester for our Pro Bono project (below). It is not very much in detail as it is supposed to be but I recall it as a useful method in terms of figuring out the characteristics and behavioral patterns of our target customers.

Screenshot 2017-04-21 14.20.48

Therefore, despite its drawbacks – including its low representativeness and ambiguity when it comes to evaluating the output – I believe that it has more pros than cons. Through persona, we might be able to capture valuable implications that we cannot get from quantitative data. We sometimes overlook the importance of qualitative data since we nowadays are too accustomed to “measure” something. However, a human more complicated than just numbers and we might face the bias if we value quantifiable data only.

Persona document

Group Project

By the way, we started our final project which is ‘redesigning the Johns Hopkins Hospital entrances’. Here is the stakeholder map for the hospital. Our group is planning to do some observations and run a survey in the hospital for the following weeks.


Design Leadership by Sharon Kim
Johns Hopkins Carey Business School


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