Silent Sky

Play by Lauren Gunderson / Directed by Dori A. Robinson

I watched this play during my trip to Boston this month. This play is about a historical scientist Henrietta Leavitt who first discovered the relationship between the period of a pulsating variable star and its luminosity. The main challenge she faces in this play seems to be the gender discrimination in the mid 20th century, but I guess the message the writer tried to deliver was more profound than that. As mentioned in the director’s note, “the play lives in duality”. The conversation is full of comparisons and ironies; from professional fulfillment and family, science and religion, men and women, and fantasy and reality. Excluding the historical facts, the play keeps questioning us that which values among many different others should be prioritized and even whether there is a right or wrong answer in these essential matters. Overall, the play was tranquil and stagnant but the feeling it arose was striking enough.


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