10 Ways to Have Better Conversation

Celeste Headlee: 10 ways to have a better conversation https://go.ted.com/CsjJ


2018 Super Bowl Commercials: My Top 3

No. 3 Amazon "Alexa Loses Her Voice" Amazon's Super Bowl commercial has been a hit since they released its teaser a few days before the actual Super Bowl game. The ad starts with a very¬†creative and intriguing question, 'What happens if Alexa (Amazon's AI speaker) loses her voice?'. They starred Jeff Bezos, the CEO of... Continue Reading →

Visual Inspirations

One of the many advantages of my new role is that the coverage of marketing is very broad. For example, in my previous company, I was in charge of developing some of the products' marketing creatives. My specific job was to strategize and plan content but turning them into more aesthetically appealing output was passed... Continue Reading →

New Start

I just sent my regret letter to another company that offered me a job. I guess I just made one of the most difficult decisions in my life and my heart is still pounding. I expected the next step after the graduate study would be the turning point in my career and thus, I desperately... Continue Reading →

Believing Is Seeing

Believing Is Seeing by Mary Anne Staniszewski (Revised Korean Edition Title: This is Not Art) As this slightly challenging title (Korean translated version) infers, the author mainly claims that all forms of "art" which were created thousands or even millions years ago and are now being appreciated and appraised by the contemporaries actually cannot be... Continue Reading →

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